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Hendersonville, NC, USA
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Workplace Programs

Art by Lisa Underwood


Benefits of Creative Workshops

• Improved resourcefulness = Less waste

• Enhanced self-confidence = Sense of empowerment and happiness

• Competitive advantages = A more secure position

• Greater success at solving problems = Better time management

• Increased productivity = Greater profit

• Appreciation for diverse perspectives = Improved morale and relationships




Creativity in the Workplace – The Big Picture
Elevate your organization’s creativity and growth potential.

Great Escapes
Draw or paint away your stress and tap into your creative side

Take a Closer Look
Art encourages intentional focus which enhances innovation.

Color Outside the Lines –
Brainstorm and collaborate to reach out of the box creative solutions.

Mini Art Break –
Short creative break time outlets that fit your company’s schedule.

This workshop helps reach positive goals through steps of action.

Putting the Pieces Together –
Promotes team building and ideas from each project member.

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