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Hendersonville, NC, USA
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Why “Mainstream Creative” as my business name?

Art by Lisa Underwood

Why “Mainstream Creative” as my business name?

I love making the creative process accessible to people from all walks of life. Art making provides a diversion from our day to day routines. It can also allow for self reflection and awareness. I have been told that my artwork is evocative and unique, far from mainstream. And to that I say, thanks but my business is not just about my art. It’s also about providing creative workshops and classes to people from diverse backgrounds. Students of all ages and all skill levels. Although I have primarily taught classic drawing methods, as drawing is fundamental, I also offer various painting and collage workshops. I always adjust my class offerings to the group that I’m serving. As more people participate in the art making process, they become more appreciative of what it takes to create a finished piece of artwork. Creative awareness becomes mainstream… in a very unique way!

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