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Art by Lisa Underwood

Stay safe, stay healthy, make art!

Wow, what a crazy time in our history! I feel so very grateful that I’m doing well and so is my family. My entire family is in my thoughts constantly. And all my friends too. Since my work schedule is usually very busy, I must say that I am certainly thankful for the break. Besides…
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Drawing Classes at A-B Tech

Personal Enrichment – I’m teaching Drawing Classes at A-B Tech in Asheville now! The classes are held on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 – 5:00. There are sessions for all levels. Each session runs for six weeks and we cover a lot of great material. Sharing my drawing technique knowledge is one of my greatest teaching…
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Collage Socials

Gather some friends for a fun time and host a Collage Social. Everyone will create a personalized collage using photos, specialty papers and memorabilia. Capture a special occasion, that special someone or just make a creative collage. I will provide all of the basic art supplies. You bring some personal items to make your piece…
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Calligrams (images with words)

When I was in third grade, my teacher invited parents to visit our classroom to observe our daily activities. My mother came and sat in the back of the room with other parents. During our cursive writing lesson, my teacher used my practice sheets as examples and complimented my work. I was thrilled because I…
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Quilling… what’s that?

Around 2008, I was perusing books in the art section at the Morrocroft Library in Charlotte and ran across a book on Quilling. I enjoy working with paper so I checked it out and have been quilling ever since. Quilling is the age old craft of curling and coiling paper. It’s also called Paper Filigree…
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Why “Mainstream Creative” as my business name?

I love making the creative process accessible to people from all walks of life. Art making provides a diversion from our day to day routines. It can also allow for self reflection and awareness. I have been told that my artwork is evocative and unique, far from mainstream. And to that I say, thanks but…
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Check out my Etsy Shop, MainstreamCreative!

Visit: https://mainstreamcreative.etsy.com It’s a Versatile Visual Art Shop offering some of my one-of-a-kind work. I’ll be listing more and more items so please visit now and again! Private commissions always welcome. Just contact me at: lisaunderwood@mindspring.com