Hendersonville, NC, USA
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Meet the Artist

Art by Lisa Underwood

Hello, I’m Lisa Underwood

I love being a Teaching Artist.

Since my childhood, I have always created art. I guess my career as a producing artist started when I was a little girl and I began giving home-made creations to my family…for every occasion! Then at some point, I became fascinated with textiles and worked in the Interior Design field. I’m a fabric junkie. My illustrations are often influenced by textiles, whether it’s conscious or not. I draw and paint realistically but find more excitement in exploring different techniques. Having taught people from all walks of life has really inspired me to do just that…explore more. I cannot stay holed up in my studio (not for too long anyway). Teaching brings me too much joy! Helping people get comfortable with their creativity is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teaching artist. Sometimes it’s their best avenue to genuine communication.

My extensive teaching experience has truly been a great influence for me. Inspiration for my work comes from nature also, especially trees. Pen & Ink, Oil Pastels and Collage are currently my favorite art forms. We’ll see what’s next!

Commission Original Art

I accept commissions for individual and commercial projects; welcoming clients’ input to ensure collaborative, custom pieces. I strive to get people involved in the process of art making to promote Social Creativity and the benefits of self-expression through visual art.

For more information about my art programs and original work, please contact me.

Thank you!

~ Lisa