Staff development programs may include discussion on Creativity Theory and its relationship to personal and professional goals. Workshop benefits (see below) can be applied to work environments. Individual or collective drawing and collage projects will be created, with emphasis on team building and self-expression. Content and outlines for all programs can be adjusted to suit your company. To discuss your specific needs and customize the following creative program examples, contact Lisa at 704.614.7898 or email at:


Creativity in the Workplace – The Big Picture

Observation, Reception, Discussion, Reflection. These essential workplace skills are related to the creative process, as practiced through a visual project. The effects of objective evaluation or the lack of evaluation will be considered. Focal points of this popular program include: How critique influences the creative process and how the gathering of ideas from all members can elevate growth potential.

Great Escapes
Draw away your stress and tap into your creative side. Explore simple, effective exercises while learning about the Elements of Art & Design. Drawing is a creative outlet that renews your energy and fuels your focus. Learn easy drawing techniques and uncover your creativity. A little R & R is a pencil stroke away.

Take a Closer Look
Art allows you to take a closer look at everything around you and exercise awareness. Considering the nuances and how they relate to the big picture is vital to your business today. Practice the art of intentional “seeing” over “looking” without purpose. Design and composition activities will let you walk away with a finished piece of original art. Your own name or your company logo can be the foundation of the completed project.

Color Outside the Lines
Explore color using markers, colored pencils and/or oil pastels while incorporating your personal interests to create inspirational images. Learn about color representations, their overall effects and their interplay. This project will reveal your authentic style, creativity and undiscovered talent.

Mini Class Series
Fun workplace refreshers include “Art Break 101” and “Doodle Time”. These are short creative outlets that fit into your company’s busy schedule. Some quick, easy direction, including tricks of the trade are provided to help participants create mini works of art.

Draw spontaneous visuals and symbolic representations to convey an experience. Communicate thoughts, emotions and ideas through imagery to relieve stress, share a meaningful story or depict significant steps of action. This creative exercise can accelerate change and positive growth.

Putting the Pieces Together
Create a puzzle, mandala or mosaic piece of art as an individual or collective endeavor. This project can be completed with a variety of unique materials and will stretch the imagination. It will also offer an insightful, fun experience.


Benefits of Creative Workshops

• Improve resourcefulness = Less waste
• Enhanced self-confidence = Sense of empowerment and happiness
• Competitive advantages = A more secure position
• Greater success at solving problems = Better time management
• Increased productivity = Greater profit
• Appreciation for diverse perspectives = Improved morale and relationships


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