Workplace Programs


In addition to Paint Parties, I offer a variety of staff development programs. Individual or group projects will be created, with emphasis on self-expression and team building. Content and outlines for all programs are adjusted to suit your company.

Please contact me to customize your program.

m: 704.614.7898 or email at:

Benefits of Creative Workshops
• Improve resourcefulness = Less waste
• Enhanced self-confidence = Sense of empowerment and happiness
• Competitive advantages = A more secure position
• Greater success at solving problems = Better time management
• Increased productivity = Greater profit
• Appreciation for diverse perspectives = Improved morale and relationships

Samples of Available Workshops

Creativity in the Workplace – The Big Picture                                                                          Elevate your organization’s creativity and growth potential.

Great Escapes
Draw or paint away your stress and tap into your creative side.

Take a Closer Look
Art encourages intentional focus which enhances innovation.

Color Outside the Lines                                                                                              Brainstorm and collaborate to reach out of the box creative solutions.

Mini Art Break 
Short creative break time outlets that fit your company’s schedule.

This workshop helps reach positive goals through steps of action.

Putting the Pieces Together                                                                                                       Promotes team building and ideas from each project member.

m: 704.614.7898 or email: