Creative Expression

Freedom to express ideas is vital for personal and societal growth. Encouraging input from different perspectives enhances innovation. Creativity is known to be lower when evaluation is expected. Contributors are more apt to share ideas freely when evaluation is not a factor. Still objective critique is an important part of the process. All contributions have the potential of elevating a system or a project. Social creativity is not a luxury, but a necessity. We all are interconnected and benefit from the social side of creativity.

Lisa Underwood provides creative programming and therapeutic art sessions for staff development and individual needs. The benefits of her classes are numerous. There are opportunities to experiment in a collaborative atmosphere, enhancing ability to see from multiple perspectives. The programs that Lisa facilitates help participants strengthen self-concept and confidence. Artistic outlets are recognized for the vital contribution they bring to Integrative Medicine and the balance they bring to our daily lives. Physical and mental health issues are eased through the healing powers of imagery and creative art engagement.

Lisa’s humanistic approach welcomes a mutual exchange among class participants; inviting comfort in risk, enrichment of process and a rewarding outcome.


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