Artist’s Statement

Memories of fulfillment come to mind when I think of creating art as a child. I remember feeling content and excited all at once, knowing that my art had a positive effect on me. Even today, my art brings gratification and balance to my life. To me, art is a reflection of people and their experiences.

Knowing how much the act of art making contributes to my own well-being compels me to bring this opportunity to others. Working with adults who have developmental disabilities and adults who have trepidation about creating art confirms my belief that process precedes product. As a teaching artist, I provide creative programs for the workplace and individuals to enhance productivity and build self-awareness. The liberating effects of self-expression through the creative process actually can expand production, providing a stress relieving outlet. My classes offer opportunities to develop focus and explore innovative ideas. The creative exchanges that I facilitate strengthen unity among participants and inspire the continued process of art making.

My current personal art is influenced more than ever by my interactions with students and colleagues. Nature and my Textile Design background are continuous influences in my creative works. My individual and commercial commissions are representations of my clients’ desires and objectives. Through my business, Mainstream Creative, I strive to promote the therapeutic benefits of self-expression and the importance of social creativity.

– Lisa Underwood