Artist’s Statement


As a Teaching Artist, my creativity is constantly being influenced by my students. In the drawing and painting classes that I offer, everyone always has something new to contribute. Besides private lessons and painting parties, I provide creativity programs for the workplace. These innovative programs offer unique options for staff development. The liberating effects of self-expression and awareness expand productivity. And the creative process enhances focus; it offers a stress relieving outlet. I believe creative exchanges strengthen unity among participants and inspire a continuous exploration of new ideas. Helping people to get comfortable with their creativity through visual art is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teaching artist.


My own illustrations are inspired, not only by my students, but also by nature and my Textile Design background. Being an instructor who wants to expose students to a variety of mediums, I explore quite a bit. Exploration is vital to keeping creativity fresh. Oil pastels,        Pen & Ink and Paper Graphics are my favorite art forms. I accept commissions for individual and commercial projects; welcoming clients’ input to ensure collaborative, custom pieces. Through my business, Mainstream Creative, I strive to get people involved in the process of art making. Promoting Social Creativity and the therapeutic benefits of self-expression through visual art will always be a focal point in my life. Art is the essence of life!


If you want to learn more about my artwork and the programs that I provide, contact me at:

Thank you!

Lisa Underwood